Post-Construction Cleaning

Let’s be honest, construction produces a lot of dust, debris and dirt. You can either clean it up yourself or hire us to do it!

Our post-construction cleaning services include:

-Vacuum, dust, and clean shelving

-Clean and polish cabinet doors (inside and out)

-Clean countertops and backsplashes

-Clear any excess debris from around sinks and faucets

-Clean bathtub and shower and remove any remaining debris

-Shine/polish all stainless steel

-Clean all appliances inside and out

-Clean and sanitize all toilets

-Clean mirrors

-Dust ceilings and ceilings fans

-Dust air vents

-Clean trim, baseboards, window frames and doors

-Wipe down walls, outlets, and light switches

-Clean windows

-Clean and shine all light fixtures and bulbs

-Remove and dispose of all garbage

-Sweep and clean porch, driveway, and garage

-Vacuum all flooring

-Sweep and mop hardwood/tile floors

Commercial Cleaning

Your commercial property’s appearance speaks volumes to your clients. Allow us to make your workspace look it’s very best.

Our commercial cleaning services include:

-Empty and reline all trash cans

-Dust all furniture

-Sanitize and polish all furniture

-Restock all paper and soap dispensers

-Clean and sanitize all bathroom fixtures, toilets, and stall walls

-Clean and sanitize all work equipment (phones, desks, printer, etc.)

-Wipe down walls, outlets, and light switches

-Clean all break-room/kitchen appliances (inside and out)

-Clean all windows and windowsills

-Clean all blinds

-Sweep and mop hardwood/tile floors

-Vacuum all carpet/rugs

Residential Cleaning

Imagine coming home from a long day of work to a completely clean, fresh-smelling residence. That’s our promise to you!

Our residential cleaning service includes:

-Clean and disinfect all countertops/surface areas

-Dust and clean lamps, lamp shades, fans, door panels, light fixtures, etc.

-Blinds cleaned and wiped down

-Bedding can be changed upon request (If linens are left out)

-Clean and sanitize toilets

-Clean tile and grout in shower

-Clean and disinfect bathtub/shower

-Cobwebs removed from baseboards/ceilings

-Sinks cleaned, disinfected, and shined

-Refrigerator front/sides cleaned and shined

-Dishwasher wiped out, cleaned, and shined

-Microwave wiped inside and out, front cleaned and shined

-Oven wiped inside and out, stove top cleaned and shined

-Cabinets cleaned and polished (outside)

-Windowsills wiped down

-Wipe down walls, outlets, and light switches

-Windows cleaned

-Sweep and mop hardwood/tile floors

-Vacuum all carpet/rugs




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