Epoxy Garage Floors


Epoxy coatings bind to just about any surface and will dry quickly. Just Paint Florida, LLC will complete the work during your off-hours as to not disrupt your business. Protect your customers and employees with a slip-resistant finish. Epoxy also strengthens the floor's surface. Once we apply the epoxy coating, the cleaning will become simple as well. Because the surface is nonporous, drips and spills will wipe up easily. No special care is required, and the strong surface is easily cleaned by mopping with a mild detergent.

Commercial & Residential Epoxy Applications

Epoxy Coatings for commercial or industrial flooring is the most cost-effective method of preserving your flooring investment and promoting cleanliness throughout your facility. Most commercial buildings are built on a concrete slab. A protective barrier is required to protect the surface from corrosion due to spills, chips, chemicals, or weather. Just Paint Florida, LLC specializes in the application of Epoxy Coatings on commercial or industrial floors. Our coatings will protect your floors for years to come, and provide a smooth, polished surface that is attractive and easy to keep clean.

Do you have oil residue or stains on your garage floor? Are you looking to establish a clean look while adding a protective barrier to your garage floor? If so, an epoxy coating is a beautiful, economical solution. Some people paint their garage floors, only to have them begin peeling, chipping and cracking after just a few months. Just Paint Florida, LLC applies an epoxy coating to garage floors to create a durable surface that looks great and is easy to clean.

Just Paint Florida, LLC's Epoxy Coating Process

Just Paint Florida, LLC's process for expert application of Epoxy Coatings is

• The garage surface cleaned to remove any dirt, grease or stains.

• The pH is neutralized to promote binding of the coating.

• The epoxy coating is expertly and thoroughly applied.

• After the surface cures, you'll be ready to enjoy your new garage!

Benefits of Epoxy Floors

• Provides a solid barrier to protect against spills and corrosion

• Slip-resistant surface

• A smooth, non-porous surface that is easily maintained

• High-performance commercial coatings are scratch-resistant

• Epoxy floors are attractive too - decorative chips and/or colored sand can be added for interesting effects

• Cost-effective flooring solution

• Ideal for industrial kitchens, restrooms, warehouses, and factory floors

Types of Surfaces Ideal for Epoxy Coatings

• Clean rooms

• Garage floors

• Retail establishments

• Storage facilities

• Warehouses

• Commercial Kitchens

• Distribution centers

• Office buildings

• Schools

• Hospitals/Medical facilities

• Laboratories

• Hotel Lobbies

One (1) year free labor warranty on all painting projects.